Revelations for 20-somethings and maybe the rest of us

At age 23, Pavlina Osta has accomplished more than many people have accomplished in a lifetime. She got a running start at a career in her early teens when she showed a talent for interviewing people for a local radio station in Daytona Beach, FL. One thing led to another and at age 14, she was asked by an executive at iHeartRadio to do a syndicated interview segment. In the ensuing couple of years, she interviewed celebrities including Ed Sheeran, Katie Couric, Steve Forbes, Ziggy Marley, NASCAR figures and more. Her drive for success took a significant turn at age 18 when she left home and went to live and work in New York, a prescient move that opened the door to a career as a media personality, blogger, podcaster, guest commentator and now, author.

Her book 20 Things Every Motivated 20-Something Should Know draws a roadmap for the young people of Generation Z in their search for self-awareness and ultimate success. It turns out that a lot of her advice is relevant to people of all ages, perhaps the most pivotal being: Don’t let others define who you are or what your goals should be.

Learn more about Pavlina in our conversation on The Independent Author Podcast:

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