Man vs. Fish: A Life at Sea

Even after 30 years of deep sea fishing, Bob Gonzalez still, occasionally, gets seasick.

“I get a little woozy myself but it’s never stopped me from going,” he explains. “You know, when i was a kid, i got sick a few times and I still went and we still had some great catches.”

The we in that sentence refers to Bob’s father, Bob Sr., a Cuban immigrant who brought a love of fishing with him at age 14 and passed it on to his son. Now age 82, Bob senior and his son still fish together.

“We just went last week. We caught some snappers and some groupers and a couple of the king fish and tuna, you know,” says Bob junior.

Originally from New York, Bob’s earliest memories of fishing take place in Barnegat Bay off the Jersey Shore. Today, his home port is Destin, Florida, where he’s lived for the past 30 years. His passion is deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. He goes out far enough that the shoreline disappears and there’s nothing but the water, the waves and the elusive fish.

“You have your instruments, your navigational tools, your compass. You don’t really need to see the land.”

His book A Flicker In The Water takes you out into the Gulf on the fishing boat Twister with Bob senior, fishing partners Drawbridge and Keith, among others. You can almost feel the rocking of the boat and the spray of the water as the Twister maneuvers to keep up with a fighting marlin or swordfish.

You’ll also read the story of one of his biggest catches ever, an Amberjack almost as big as he. Listen or view our episode of Type. Tune. Tint. below and grab yourself a copy of A Flicker In The Water.

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