Kill your boss. Go to jail. Sleep well?

Budland” is a cautionary tale about unfettered anger and its consequences. In what world does an otherwise everyday guy named Bud, loved by his employees, empathetic and grounded, lose his mind and kill his boss? Sure, the boss is a heinous monster who is blackmailing a female employee and sexually abusing her. But where does it say you can take the law into your own hands and kill, even if the target is a monster? These questions echo through Bud’s mind as he does his time in a New Jersey prison and carves out his own righteous rationale for killing and living with it. But his logic unravels as his wife and lawyer both abandon him and his cell mate turns on him. Welcome to “Budland.”

Matt Giroveanu’s textured and character-driven narration makes “Budland” an audiobook you will immediately be drawn into. It’s on the shorter side, maybe a few drives with the windows closed and the AC on will do it. There’s nothing complicated or ponderous about “Budland.” Give it a listen on Audible.

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