Inspired By A Child’s Friendship

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Sabine Posy is a public school teacher in Linden, New Jersey, a credential which carries with it very specific experience. She taught virtually during the COVID pandemic. Her two young children learned virtually at the same time in the same home in another room. The whole learning-by-ZOOM model is one she hopes never to repeat.

“Teaching virtually is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do,” she recalls, not only as a teacher but as a parent. “It was the hardest thing, trying to get a three-year-old to sit still in front of the screen and engage with other students. And my daughter, at that time was five and she she’s a kid that likes movement. You know, she’s a social butterfly. She likes to move around and it was very hard trying to get them to sit in front of a screen.”

But a beautiful thing happened after the lockdowns were lifted and it was time to go back to school for real. Her son Nathaniel, a shy boy, found a friend in preschool named Harry. He helped Nathaniel, nicknamed Nate, come out of his shell.

“Their friendship was very inspiring. He made friends with Harry. They helped each other.”

That inspiration moved Sabine to write and illustrate her first children’s book, Nate and Harry Are Great Friends, a story emphasizing the simple concept of friendship.

“The pureness of their friendship, the pureness of their love, it’s like no matter where they were in the building, after dismissal when they’re going home or during drop off, you know, they would greet each other with the biggest heartwarming hug.”

It was a beautiful friendship that helped both Nate and Harry come out of the social black hole caused by COVID. As for Sabine, she returned to work in person as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. And even today, she finds students still making up ground lost during the pandemic.

Sabine and I talk about the importance of non-verbal communication, teaching non-English speakers the language and her writing routine in our episode of Type. Tune. Tint. Listen or watch below

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