Holiday Edition 2023: All I Want for Christmas is You GONE

Sudi Karatas and Santa for blog

Sudi “Rick” Karatas always has something creative to offer, whether it’s holiday songs, music videos, a movie or books. It was my pleasure to meet Sudi in 2022 on the publication of his hilarious book How Catering Sucked the Life Right Out of Me. I introduced him to you all back then in an episode of Type. Tune. Tint. that also looked at his movie and his Christmas songs.

Today, we continue on the holiday theme with Sudi’s new song, All I Want for Christmas Is You GONE. It is out and making the rounds just in time for the holidays. It’s snarky title is a play on the popular Mariah Carey song and tells a light-hearted story of holiday betrayal.

“It’s a totally different song,” he says. “But it gets your attention because it’s similar to that title. It’s not based on anyone.”

The music video is interesting because there are two different versions, one with a female betrayer and one with a male betrayer, or as Sudi calls it the LGBTQ version.

“There’s a few different things we sprung in but the same story, just two different perspectives.”

We also talk about the tribute song for Olivia Newton-John’s foundation that Sudi wrote and co-produced along with our holiday plans. Have a listen to the episode below. Better yet, watch the video!

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