Do You Know YOU?

How many of us have found ourselves living someone else’s life? It’s a reality that dawns on many of us  too late. But for Jazmine Stevenson, a woman in her 20’s who has already experienced enough pain and mental anguish for a lifetime, the discovery came just in time.  With the help of a strong family support system, her faith and a good helping of determination, she found the strength to look at herself the way she really was and make positive changes. Her book Getting To Know Yourself: Do You Know You? is a perfect starting point for anyone seeking to do the same. We talk about fearlessly examining the person in the mirror, speaking out loud the unspoken, and how it opens the door to self-realization, self-confidence and personal honesty.

“It was me like, you know, settling for things that I shouldn’t settle for knowing that, I am better than certain things,” she recalls. “At that moment, I didn’t think that I was valuable or valued in certain ways. So, I had to realize that, no, you are better than this. You are. You can get whatever you want if you put your mind to it. You are precious.”

My conversation with Jazmine reveals more about how we can come to terms with ourselves. Here’s the episode of the podcast Type. Tune. Tint where we chatted.


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