Bringing your passion to the page

For every self-published author, there are thousands of unpublished authors. Why? Aspiring writers often don’t know where to begin. Do I have the talent? Do I have the patience? When am I going to find time to write? What will readers think?

One place to start to find some of those answers might be a mentor, someone who’s been there. Which brings us to Debby Handrich, known in the Seattle market as Coach Debby, radio host, writing coach and life coach. From a young age, Debby created her own world through writing fiction, a coping mechanism to deal with bullying.

“My skin is very pale and my hair is very blonde and that’s because I’m albino,” she says. “But what a lot of people don’t know is if you have albinism, you have about 20 to 30% of your eyesight. So I was really trying to find a way to be the kid with the thick glasses that didn’t abandon myself the way the other kids on the playground, it seemed, did!  You know, they were either really rough with me or they acted like I was invisible. Creating characters and creating stories just allowed me to have a world that I made up that was safe.”

Today, Coach Debby mentors people with a burning desire to get what’s inside them onto the written page, whether it’s a blog, a letter or a full-blown book. Her radio show on 1150KKNW, Seattle has a loyal following and she has a thriving business as a life coach and writing coach.

Hear my chat with Coach Debby in the episode of The Independent Author podcast right here:

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