ACTION! The Re-Re-Relaunch of Steve Gabe

Oceanography wasn’t in the cards for Steve Gabe. He had an early interest in aquaculture and saving the whales, but music drowned that out. He sang and played drums as a child, always singing along with rock and blues favorites until he grew into rock bands, some of which he led. Then came travels as a musician, a record label, and dozens of recordings that he either performed or curated.

It turns out, a man has to make a living. He decided to become an entertainment lawyer, a profession he still practices today. And the music has been his companion and inspiration all along. Hear for yourself on his podcast, Live from the Vault.

Most recently, he’s seen his dream of becoming an actor start to take shape. He had roles in regional theater including a role as Daddy Murphy in Bright Star at the Summit Playhouse, a role that came to him almost by chance.

“With COVID, I thought I was finished,” Gabe recalls. “I was never going to act again, never going to do music again, sit home and try to be a lawyer, give up. And then I got the Zoom audition for Bright Star. They picked me. She had seen me in something in Chatham and she’s like, I want you for one of the two dads. So that’s how I got back in it again. Just because someone happened to see me in another place. Life is amazing.”

His successful stint in Bright Star led to more opportunities including his most recent, a big-budget industrial film in which he plays a belligerent, bitter man who is saved by a home health aide.

Steve Gabe’s many multi-faceted career is relaunching, again, this time on the movie screen. Listen to our conversation on the Type. Tune. Tint. podcast below:

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